Interview with Nic Bronkall

At about the same time OhioChiro was searching for a Director of Human Performance, Nic Bronkall was looking for a place to bring his unique skill set that includes a background as a strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist, Dr. Sean Caine was seeking to expand OhioChiro’s team. Now Bronkall, who has a Bachelor […]

Rib Cage & Shoulder Mobility

If you take a quick scroll through any social channel you’ll find countless tutorials on how to improve shoulder mobility. Why? Many of us lack shoulder mobility and it can potentially end up getting us injured. We’re not saying that limited shoulder mobility is the root cause of all shoulder injuries, but it is a […]

4 Reasons Why Your Muscles Feel Tight

4 reasons your muscles might be tight & what to do about it Do you have that one muscle, that no matter what you do, always feels tight?   While stretching, massaging, & rolling “tight” muscles may give you temporary relief, it’s not often a permanent solution. 

Here are 4 potential causes why your muscles […]

What is your spine?

A big focus for us when working with you is your spine. We want to ensure it’s healthy & moves without restriction. It’s the central support structure that the rest of our structures rely on. The structure that when combined with the pelvis becomes the primary driver of human movement as the spine & pelvis must […]

A Different Perspective on Pain

Pain is always real no matter what’s causing it. It’s a distressing experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage that involves sensory, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects Your pain relies on context & cues as pain is a best-guess scenario produced by the brain. Anything in your environment that tells the brain you might […]

Should I Worry About Text Neck?

The term text neck was introduced by a chiropractor a few years ago & it’s caught on like wildfire, being labeled by some as a “global epidemic.” There is this thought out there that neck pain is related to abnormal spine curvature and/or poor posture. Yet research has proved that abnormal curvature of the cervical […]

What is Posture?

If you want to know if you should worry about posture, probably not. Generally, it matters very little  Many habitual postures are the result of long-term adaptations, and it’s difficult and even unwise to try to change them. Most so-called “poor posture” is actually just an adaptation to being in the same position hour after […]

Sitting Is Healthy

Sitting is healthy. It’s considered a movement milestone for babies. It allows them to see the world in a whole new way. It means they have proper muscle control needed to transition into things such as starting solids, crawling, standing, & eventually walking. Means their body is getting stronger to better explore their world. Yet […]

The History of Posture

Some of you at one point may have Googled…   The perfect posture? How can I improve my posture? Exercises for better posture?   This idea of a perfect posture always made me wonder, how did we get here today?   Our capability for movement is infinite yet we are caught up on a single […]