We are your team. You are the captain. And movement is your most powerful tool.

We teach the art and skill of movement, exercise & fitness, creating momentum for better health.

In The Lab, wellness is for everyone. Exercise is not just for the fit.

Our team of medical, chiropractic, exercise science and wellness providers will work with you to create a personalized care plan that meets your needs. We will work together to address underlying issues and empower you to reach your goals.

THE Strength  Flexibility  Endurance Playing Golf Again Pain Free Confidence Play with my Grandkid Traveling Joint Retirement LAB

The_Lab is Built for the Future...The Future You.

We take you through a phased approach that includes resetting muscle and joint imbalance to address your pain, reinforcing self-care through exercise, and creating resilience through strength. The_Lab is your space to support your unique journey. Your goals, your plan, your team, and your Lab.

Are you frustrated by:

  1. Contradictory messages from multiple healthcare providers?
  2. Temporary relief from multiple low-value treatments?

  3. Being told you’re just getting old or stop doing what you love because you were damaging your joints?

  4. The start and stop of exercise routines because of re-injury?
  5. Not knowing where to safely start?


Dr. Caine is awesome! He is always kind and caring and addresses my needs and what is going on with my body at that point. Through his treatment, he has provided me with pain relief that has allowed me to continue working in my profession. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Caine and very thankful that I found him!