Athlete?… Who?… Me?….. Yes, YOU!



For over 100 years, professional athletes of all kinds have used chiropractic care to recover, reduce their likelihood of injury, and even get an edge in performance.

And what used to be a secret is now well-known.

Chiropractic care is used by sports teams from high schools right up through the pros.

No matter your age, it’s time you start thinking of yourself as an athlete…and life is your sport!

Move Well. Feel Good. Live Better.

Dr. Caine

Why it Matters:

Historically, the medical staff of pro sports teams have focused primarily on helping athletes recover from injuries more so than improving their performance – that was left to the coaches. 

Chiropractors provide a unique bridge between the player, coach, and medical team by focusing on injury prevention, mobility, and, yes, performance.

Pro sports are big business – athletes, coaches, and owners will always look to maximize their talent.

What began as a way to reduce injuries has evolved into a way to improve performance.

Research shows how spinal adjustments can influence the brain, spinal cord, and even muscle strength.

Here are three exciting findings… 

  • Motor control and movement patterns can improve following a spinal adjustment.  
  • Spinal adjustments can positively alter how the body processes pain.
  • Increases in muscle strength have been observed following spinal adjustments.

Next Steps: 

Athletes of all ages choose chiropractic for many different reasons.

For some, it’s the focus on mobility or injury prevention – others are looking for a performance edge. Most want all of the above.

No matter what drives YOU to seek out our expertise, one thing is for sure: the use of chiropractic care in competitive and recreational athletics is here to stay!

Life is your sport. You are an athlete. We are your team to keep you in the game.


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