Balancing Strength and Flexibility

Both strength and flexibility along with our daily movement play a significant role in how our posture develops. They help our body to adapt to any environment dynamically it finds itself in.

While it’s true that “perfect” postures may not exist, improving our strength, flexibility, and daily movement practice goes a long way toward improvement of how we move & feel.

Your body is dynamic and designed to move, but over time it may feel a bit less dynamic than it used to.

Getting into a wellness routine that includes exercises that focus on strength and flexibility is a smart way to keep your body feeling young.

Strengthening exercises can help develop proper support for your joints and increase your ability to move more effectively & efficiently. Also, it allows you more options for movement. Incorporating flexibility work will also help your body maintain its ability to move through its full range of motion.

Just because you’re not currently in pain doesn’t mean that everything is functioning at its highest level or that your daily wellness routine is as optimized as it could be.

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