A business people can’t live without

614 day was this past Wednesday and in Celebration CBUS Today asked its readers about businesses they can’t live without. We were honored to be one of those businesses.

A big thank you to CBUS today for the feature & for supporting small business.

“Ohio Chiro is a small business I can’t (happily) live without. Up until just over a year ago, I was struggling with aggravating aches & pains that kept me from exercising as much as I should’ve been to stay strong & I kept reinjuring myself. I’d been through numerous physical therapy sessions over many years with no real results. A friend recommended Dr. Caine, who I went to, telling him he was my last resort. He helped me learn to move more efficiently & alleviated most of my pain. Then he opened The Lab, thank goodness, an attached micro but fully equipped “gym” with Nic who is more than a personal trainer. He’s gotten me back to building muscle. Both Dr. Caine & Nic are so knowledgeable about the body & how it can move pain-free & I truly feel like they’re saving my life. I see them both regularly. Everyone needs to be strong as they age. Those grandchildren just keep getting heavier!

I think this small business is worthy of a shout-out on CBUS 614 Day. Everyone should know about this business.”


“Dr. Sean Caine is a treasure! He has a unique business model combining Chiropractic and Movement. He cares about the whole person. Bones, muscles, mind, spirit, lifestyle, and connecting the dots between all of these parts, total health.
2 years ago, I was referred to Dr. Caine because I was in debilitating muscle and nerve pain in my right hip and leg. I do not know what happened and have never been in pain like this. I am a busy busy woman, 67 years old, and thought I was going to lose my lifestyle. I was desperate and have gone to other doctors with no results.
Needless to say, I was not happy and skeptical. Dr Caine put up with a lot from me and after several months, I was discouraged.  However, he never gave up on me and asked me to seriously commit, tough it out, keep up with the visits, and do my exercises. I agreed, not happily but I had no choice. I was scared and I had to trust him at that point.
Other chiropractors just adjusted the same way and sent me on my way. Not Dr. Caine, he was the first Chiropractor to listen to me, try to understand, and was all in to figure out what happened and how to resolve my pain. He pushed and encouraged me.
After several months, my pain started to resolve and I felt like I was getting my life back. This may sound dramatic but it is true. I could not even touch my leg without horrible pain. I am truly grateful!
After a year, Dr. Caine asked me what my long-term workout plans were to stay flexible and in good shape. I sighed, and said emphatically, “I will NOT go to a gym and do hard pounding and rote exercises that make no sense to my life or lifestyle!” That’s when he said,  “I have heard that from many patients and decided to try another idea to keep people moving and improving. We have both put in a lot of work so we want to be sure you can maintain your health as you get older. The new extension of my business is
 “The Lab”. This is a different way of looking at exercise that might make more sense to you and I invite you to come see and give it a try.” He went on to explain that The Lab integrates movement and strengthening that correlate to how one lives every day. I said I ok and gave it a try.

Enter LifeFit.

LifeFit is the perfect extension of Dr Caine’s practice. It is a completely different approach introducing small exercises that make complete sense to my life and work. They meet me where I was with no judgment and designed a plan around me. I am literally able to “exercise” all day by integrating small, valuable, and meaningful movements throughout my day. In other words, connecting the dots of my life with exercise.
I understand this may seem long, however, it is extremely important to know that I now have included LifeFit at OhioChiro in my lifelong determination to remain pain-free. Yes, I am pain-free and working on being strong and balanced.
From a truly grateful patient, I nominate Dr. Sean Caine, Chiropractor Physician with OhioChiro as a business I cannot live without, and neither should you!”

Thank you

Mary Ann