A Different Perspective on Pain

Pain is always real no matter what’s causing it.

It’s a distressing experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage that involves sensory, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects

Your pain relies on context & cues as pain is a best-guess scenario produced by the brain. Anything in your environment that tells the brain you might be or are in danger has the potential to cause pain. Pain is there to protect you. If your brain feels it needs to protect you it will bring up pain. If you don’t need protecting it won’t.

Touch a hot stove we or step on a lego we want to feel pain otherwise we risk damaging our body. When it comes to movement that pain could be that your body doesn’t feel safe or strong in the positions you’re asking it to be in. But we can train our bodies to learn new things. We can train our body to be strong. We can train our mind to trust our body & our body to move effectively without pain.

That’s where movement comes in as it can gradually suppress our pain system. It helps you learn new patterns that are pain-free. It protects you against future movement problems and is one of the best ways to recover especially when combined with chiropractic care.

Knowing all this helps us understand pain just a little bit better & how we can leverage our body’s ability to adapt & retrain how it works. There are no quick fixes when it comes to this though. You didn’t get where you are overnight & you won’t get where you want to go in a day.

Play the long game and commit to the process.

With the right team & resources, you can and will recover.

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